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Proper blood flow delivers the nutrients and oxygen your body needs. Learn about what increases blood flow to improve your circulation.

Did you know that about five quarts of blood pump through your body’s blood vessels every minute? When your blood flows properly, it delivers oxygen and nutrients to your body’s cells and gets rid of excess waste. 

When your blood doesn’t flow properly, it can cause symptoms like cold extremities, numbness, and dry skin. It can also keep blood from flowing easily through your arteries, causing problems like hypertension.

Tips to Increase Blood Flow

What Increases Blood FlowExercise

Regular exercise can help boost your energy, improve mood and sleep, control weight, tackle health conditions, and improve circulation. The best exercises are the ones that get your blood pumping, particularly walking.

The more you exercise, the better your blood flow will be. Increase your results by adding tougher workouts, like jogging and cycling.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants and widens your blood vessels, which helps your blood flow more easily. To see the benefits of green tea, aim for two to three cups a day. Also, look at the food groups you consume the most. Make sure you eat leafy green vegetables and healthy fats, which can help improve circulation.

Get a Massage

Massages help relax the knots built by stress and overexertion and also stimulate blood flow. They work by speeding up your circulation, due to the pressure applied on your body, which eases congested areas to improve blood flow. 

The motion made during a massage help flush lactic acid from your muscles and provides better circulation of your body’s lymph fluid. Lymph fluid carries metabolic waste away from your muscles and internal organs, which lowers blood pressure.

Moderate Your Alcohol

Consuming alcohol is not necessarily unhealthy for your body, but too much alcohol can cause damage. Drinking more than two drinks a day can lead to hardened arteries, which hinders your body’s ability to properly circulate blood.

Stretch More

Stretching increases blood flow to your body’s tissues and organs. Because so many jobs nowadays involve people sitting at a desk all day, this causes a lot of circulation problems. If you work at your desk all day, make an effort to get up, walk around, and stretch. Take a break every 30 minutes or so to walk around and get your circulation going.

Elevate Your Legs

Elevating your legs takes the pressure off of your veins. Regularly doing this helps improve blood flow, reduces swelling in the legs, and promotes the draining of your veins. Try doing this 20 minutes a day, and you will see an improvement in your circulation.

The Outlook

supplements for circulationWhen your arms and legs don’t get enough blood, they can feel cold or numb. Poor circulation causes dry skin, brittle nails, hair loss, and erectile dysfunction.

Those with diabetes, wounds, and sores experience slower healing times. By trying different things to improve blood flow, your body will see better circulation.

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It also supports healthy cholesterol, blood pressure, and stamina. Try Circulation Boost today along with these other helpful tips to experience better blood flow.