Extensive Research Behind Circulation Boost™

“The discovery of nitric oxide is one of the most important discoveries in the history of cardiovascular medicine.”

VALETINE FUSTER M.D. | President of the American Heart Association in 1998

Scientific Papers & Counting

More than 114,000 research papers have been published about nitric oxide and its remarkable ability to support the health of our cardiovascular system including our circulation.

Key Research Behind Nitric Oxide

Circulation Boost™ has been developed based on the key research behind nitric oxide.

Nitric Oxide and Circulation

Nitric Oxide & Men's Blood Flow

Nitric oxide plays a key role in the physiologic signaling of blood flow for men. 

Nitric Oxide & Hypertension

Evidence shows nitric oxide plays a major role in regulating blood pressure


Research has shown a deficiency in nitric oxide can lead to health concerns in many ways

Our health can be seriously impacted by a nitric oxide deficiency. While we are in our youth, our body produces an abundance of nitric oxide to help us keep our circulation healthy, recover faster, feel energized, support growth and development and so much more. As we get older, our body’s nitric oxide production slows and every system in the body is affected.

CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM: With less nitric oxide, our heart has to work harder to pump blood through constricted blood vessels and this can cause our circulation to drop, our blood pressure to rise and add tremendous strain on the heart. If left untreated, this can lead to more serious health concerns.

RESPIRATORY TRACT: Without sufficient nitric oxide in our system, it’s also more difficult for blood to flow through the lungs and it may be more difficult to relax our airways.

MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM: Nitric oxide plays a key role in keeping the muscles oxygenated while helping to support nutrient levels. Without sufficient nitric oxide, it’s more difficult to recover following a workout, our endurance is minimized and lactic acid builds faster to reduce our stamina and strength during exercise.

CELLULAR HEALTH: Without enough nitric oxide, our cells aren’t as healthy and it’s more difficult for new blood vessels to form and develop.

IMMUNE SYSTEM: Healthy levels of nitric oxide ensure our body is able to regulate inflammation. Nitric oxide levels are also vital for our ability to fight infections.

NERVOUS SYSTEM: Nitric oxide plays a key role in helping our body manage pain and also helps support our memory.

GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT: Without healthy levels of nitric oxide we’re more likely to have a slower metabolism while our bodies absorb fewer nutrients.

AND MORE: Healthy levels of nitric oxide ensure better health for men with better blood flow throughout the body to enable performance. Nitric oxide also helps women with both desire and performance.

Key ingredients in circulation boost™

Discover why Circulation Boost Makes Such a Difference for So Many


L-arginine is a key amino acid directly involved in the production of nitric oxide. Our body converts the l-arginine into more nitric oxide to ensure the blood vessels remain wide open to enhance blood flow and improve your circulation.


L-citrulline is an indirect amino acid involved in the production of nitric oxide. As the body absorbs l-citrulline it’s converted to l-arginine before being used to produce nitric oxide. L-citrulline safely extends the benefits of l-arginine for better circulation.

Vitamin & Minerals

We’ve included key vitamins and minerals directly related to supporting healthy circulation. This combination naturally and safely supports the health of the heart, veins, and more to ensure better circulation. 

See Circulation Boost Supplement Facts

Circulation Boost Supplement Facts





Circulation Boost is a nutritional support supplement specifically developed to increase nitric oxide production within the body. Each serving includes proven amino acids to ignite the nitric oxide production process both rapidly and over a sustained amount of time.

There’s no better supplement to safely increase nitric oxide so you get the circulation support you’re looking for. Don’t be surprised as it improves your health in just about every way possible.

Best Circulation Supplement - Circulation Supplement


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Circulation Boost™

Advanced Nitric Oxide Circulation Support for help with Bad Circulation

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» Nutrient & Oxygen Delivery

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