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If you have circulation problems, it may lead to bigger issues down the line – but what are some signs of bad blood flow? Learn how to recognize them.

Poor circulation is a result of a blockage to your blood flow and is due to narrow arteries and more. In addition, blood clots can cause swelling and local inflammation that makes it harder for blood to circulate efficiently.

Depending on the cause of your circulation problems, you may experience additional symptoms. Usually, the symptoms that impact your circulatory system will also affect other parts of your body. The following are some signs of bad blood flow and how they affect different areas of your body.

Musculoskeletal Symptoms

Some musculoskeletal symptoms you may experience include leg pain and muscle cramping in the thighs, buttocks, legs, calves, and feet. Moreover, you may feel pain, heaviness, and numbness in your legs along with pain that increases with muscle exertion.

signs of bad blood flowNeurologic Symptoms

You can also experience neurologic symptoms such as confusion or loss of consciousness, even if it’s just briefly. In addition, you may experience an inability to speak or have slurred speech, vision changes, and numbness in your extremities.

Renal Symptoms

If your circulation issues start affecting your renal system, you may experience a decrease in urine output. Additionally, you may experience dizziness, fatigue, fluid retention, and leg pain or swelling from fluid retention due to urinary dysfunction.

Additional Symptoms

Besides those listed above, you may experience bluish coloration of the lips or fingernails, cold feet or hands, and fatigue. Furthermore, you may experience erectile dysfunction, nausea, poor nail and hair growth on your extremities, and slow-healing wounds or sores.

Serious Symptoms

If you experience chest pain or pressure or difficulty breathing, you need to seek immediate medical care and call 911. Other emergency symptoms include confusion or loss of consciousness, paralysis, sudden severe headache, inability to speak, and sudden weakness or numbness on one side of the body.

The Outlook

Circulation problems may be due to an underlying condition that could be causing all kinds of problems. It’s important that you talk with your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms so they can help you. By treating the underlying cause, you’ll be able to improve your circulation and overall health.

supplements for circulationIt’s essential that you take care of your circulation problems now before they get worse. Otherwise, they may lead to gangrene, heart failure, loss of mobility, kidney failure, respiratory failure, stroke, and risk of infection.

If you want to start taking care of your circulation now, begin by exercising regularly and eating a well-balanced diet. Moreover, you can take daily supplements like Circulation Boost to help promote your blood flow.

Its ingredients work to increase the production of nitric oxide, a natural compound that improves circulation. Try Circulation Boost along with exercising and healthy eating to give your health the support it needs.