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What happens when you combine l-arginine and l-citrulline? Are there any extra benefits when taking arginine and citrulline together?

L-arginine supplements are popular due to their ability to increase nitric oxide production in the body. In turn, nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator that relaxes blood vessels and improves the body’s overall circulation.

However, l-arginine is not the only amino acid that can benefit your health this way. L-citrulline is an amino acid that serves as a precursor to l-arginine and can provide various benefits.

When combined, l-arginine and l-citrulline offer multiple health boosts in your cardiovascular, immune system, and even sexual health. The following explains some of the great things you may experience from taking arginine and citrulline together.

Combining Arginine and Citrulline

Taking Arginine and Citrulline TogetherOnce l-citrulline enters the kidneys, it increases the plasma and tissue levels of l-arginine by converting into arginine. As a result, arginine increases nitric oxide production, which dilates blood vessels and helps remove ammonia from the liver.

In other words, both arginine and citrulline play an important role in widening blood vessels (a process known as vasodilation). This helps relax the smooth muscle cells within the vessel walls, increasing the body’s overall blood flow and circulation.

However, there are certain factors that can inhibit nitric oxide production in the body, leading to poor circulation. Some of these include atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, consuming too much salt, and simply getting older. As a result, your body’s ability to produce enough arginine begins to falter, which is where supplements can help.

Benefits of Arginine and Citrulline

Some supplements provide these amino acids as stand-alone ingredients, focusing on their individual benefits. However, other supplements (like Circulation Boost) combine these two to provide even more support.

For instance, by taking these together you may promote your cardiovascular health, nitric oxide production, and blood flow. In turn, this helps support your blood pressure levels, immune system, and live health by detoxifying it. They also help eliminate ammonia from the body, boost recovery from intense workouts, and improve sexual stamina.

While these health benefits can be enjoyed by everyone, certain individuals may find them more beneficial than others. For example, it benefits people that need to lower their blood pressure, avoid angina issues, and improve their poor circulation. In addition, it helps those looking to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks and men experiencing erectile dysfunction.

The Outlook

supplements for circulationBy taking l-arginine and l-citrulline supplements, you can expect to experience a variety of health benefits. These include boosting your nitric oxide production, helping with atherosclerosis and other conditions, improving blood vessel health, and more.

One of the best supplements on the market is Circulation Boost, which combines both of these amino acids. By taking it daily, you can effectively promote your blood flow, energy levels, nutrient and oxygen delivery, and more.

Give your circulatory system the support it deserves by taking Circulation Boost and enhancing your health.