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If you want to increase the amount of blood flow to your muscles, you need to stretch. Learn 5 different stretches for better circulation.

Stretching for at least five minutes before and after working out is essential if you want to prevent injuries. Moreover, stretching helps increase circulation throughout the body by gently pulling and tugging on the muscle and connective tissue. The following includes some yoga exercises that are known to improve blood circulation and other types of stretches.

1. Downward Dog

As the most popular yoga pose, downward dog helps strengthen and lengthen the whole body while being inverted. As a result, it improves circulation by increasing blood flow to the brain and improving processing abilities and mental function. When doing downward dog, you want to feel like you are pushing the floor away from you.

Stretches for Better Circulation2. Diaphragmatic Breathing

While most people don’t consider breathing exercises to be on the same level as physical warm-ups, some experts may disagree. In fact, some say that exercises like diaphragmatic breathing help keep the blood circulating just as well as stretching. Called pranayama, this deep, controlled breathing improves good fluid circulation throughout the body while also removing toxins.

3. Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

Yogis perform the legs-up-the-wall pose (or viparita karani) several times a day due to its benefits. Some yogis even say that 20 minutes of this pose is equal to 2 hours of sleep.

If you want an easy method, place a blanket on a folding chair seat and lie on your back. As you do it, let your calves rest on the seat bottom for additional comfort.

4. Triangle Pose

To do the triangle pose, simply separate your feet two-and-a-half feet apart, turning your right foot out. As you inhale, extend your arms out to the side and then reach down for your right shinbone with your right hand when you exhale. Finally, extend your left arm up while slightly turning your torso towards the sky and gazing at your left hand.

5. Chair Pose

According to yoga instructor Crystal Widmann, the chair pose increases circulation and muscle oxygenation to the legs, glutes, and hips. Start by standing tall, feet parallel, and then bend both knees like you’re sitting in a chair. Afterward, lift your arms up by the ears and sink your weight into your heels to help relieve pressure on your knees.

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