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Circulation affects your heart health, blood vessels, and extremities. Learn why you’re losing circulation in feet and what to do about it.

The circulatory system consists of both your heart and blood vessels. It keeps the body functioning by carrying oxygen, nutrients, electrolytes, and hormones throughout different parts of the body. When it doesn’t work properly, it can affect how your heart or blood vessels pump blood, leading to heart disease. Learn what causes poor circulation in your feet and how to improve blood flow.


Losing Circulation In Feet And What To Do About ItIf you’re experiencing poor circulation, you may notice your feet feeling cold or numb. They can also change color, turning red, blue, purple, or white.

While some people may experience occasional symptoms, others may experience them chronically. If that is the case, talk with your doctor to see if your poor circulation is related to an underlying health condition.

Additionally, symptoms of poor circulation include dry, cracked skin, hair loss on your legs, weak toenails, and slow healing wounds.


One possible cause of poor circulation is Raynaud’s disease, which causes blood vessels to narrow when you’re cold or stressed. Raynaud’s limits the amount of blood flowing to your fingers and toes. Symptoms include cold extremities, pain, numbness, tingling, and a burning sensation.

Arteriosclerosis may be another cause, happening when your blood pressure is too high. This happens when your arteries harden, and blood can’t travel through easily. If you have this condition, you may experience chest pressure, shortness of breath, an irregular heartbeat, and weakness. You may also experience breathing problems, confusion, and dizziness.

Another cause of poor circulation, particularly in the feet, can be diabetes. Diabetes can cause blood vessel damage and results from high blood glucose levels for an extended period of time. If you have diabetes, make sure to get an annual foot exam that checks for poor circulation, ulcers, or neuropathy.

Finally, you may develop peripheral artery disease if you have untreated arteriosclerosis. PAD occurs when plaque builds up in the arteries, which reduces or stops blood flow. This can then result in tissue death and possibly amputation.

Improving Your Circulation

Circulation Boost - 4 Bottles of the Best Supplement for CirculationIn order to improve your circulatory health, eat healthy foods like fatty fish and exercise for 30 minutes a day. Also, be sure to maintain a healthy weight, as this can cause a number of conditions to develop like diabetes.

Furthermore, quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke, wear compression socks, drink alcohol in moderation, manage stress, and get regular massages. If you notice a lack of proper circulation in your legs and feet, talk with your doctor about possible causes.

Finding the cause will not only help improve your circulation but it can improve your overall health. Meanwhile, work to keep your circulatory system healthy by following the tips above or taking supplements like Circulation Boost.

Its ingredients promote nitric oxide production, which helps relax your blood vessels and improve blood flow. This supports your circulation, blood pressure, and stamina for a better quality of life. Try Circulation Boost along with regular exercise and a healthy diet to effectively improve your circulation.