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There are several things you can do to improve your circulation, such as wearing compression socks – but how does compression help circulation?

If you have been experiencing poor circulation, chances are you have been looking for ways to improve it. One of the most common tips you will read involve wearing compression socks or compression stockings – but what does compression do?

To put it simply, compression increases circulation and helps your legs receive the blood flow they need.

What are compression stockings?

While shopping for clothes, it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for compression stockings if you have poor blood circulation. They are specialized socks that generally run from the foot to the knee or thigh. You may also find versions that go all the way up to the waist.

Moreover, if neither form is to your liking, you may also find sleeve versions that go from the ankle to the knee, so its more like a knee wrap. When used properly, compression stockings can help improve circulation and reduce leg inflammation.

In addition to these benefits, they can help prevent blood clot formations in the legs. Many people use them to treat conditions such as post-thrombotic syndrome, varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, and lymphedema.

It’s important to note that these stockings do not eliminate varicose veins, as that can generally only be done through surgery. However, they can help bring some relief to the pain and discomfort brought about by vein disease.

how does compression help circulationHow do compression socks work?

Compression stockings can create pressure on the muscles of the feet and legs by using a specialized weave of strong elastic. By using compression on surface veins, it forces blood out of the leg veins and back to the heart.

Furthermore, the compression results in lighter-feeling legs and a reduction in pain and discomfort felt from vein disease. Compression socks apply more pressure from the bottom ankle area, gradually decreasing the pressure as it goes up the leg.

This way, it helps enhance the natural return of blood to the heart. You can buy compression stockings yourself or they can be prescribed by a healthcare professional.

If worn after a leg procedure, they can help minimize clot formation and bruising in the veins.

Should I get compression stockings?

If you experience poor blood flow and have to spend extended periods of time standing or sitting, compression stockings may bring some relief. The elastic material helps contract calf muscles, propelling blood to the leg veins and then back to the heart.

By wearing them, you can reduce pressure on the leg veins and minimize the discomfort felt by poor circulation and vein disease. However, they can only help when used properly, which you should learn how to do now since some people may need to wear them for years.

Wear them throughout the day but remember to take them off while sleeping.

How do I choose the right pair?

When choosing your pair, you will find ranges between 8-40 mm Hg (the measure of pressure that will be applied to the legs). Most people will be fine buying a pair that’s between 20-30 mm Hg.

For a proper fit, measure your ankle, calf, and thigh circumference. In addition to these measurements, make sure you get the length of your limb. It’s important to wear properly fitting stockings so you don’t suffer through stockings that are too loose or too tight.

How else can I improve my circulation?

Compression stockings is a great way to improve inefficient blood flow in the legs and feel some relief from vein disease symptoms. However, compression wear is only one way to improve poor circulation.

Another thing you can try is adding circulation supplements to your daily routine. For example, Circulation Boost is an efficient powder supplement that works within the arteries to improve blood flow.

The supplement contains powerful ingredients such as l-arginine, l-citrulline, and various key vitamins and minerals that enhance circulation. It boosts nitric oxide production, resulting in the widening of the blood vessels and better circulation.

If you’re looking for a way to promote your circulation safely and effectively, try Circulation Boost alongside compression stockings and see the difference.