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When it comes to improving hypertension, don’t you wish there was a simple diet for better circulation? It turns out there is – say hello to the DASH diet.

High blood pressure (or hypertension) is a serious condition that plays a major factor in heart disease, kidney failure, and stroke. One of the best ways to combat hypertension is through healthy eating – and the DASH diet is specifically designed for this reason.

The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) can help prevent and treat high blood pressure as well as reduce the risk of heart disease. It focuses on healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats.

Researchers discovered that hypertension is less common amongst people following a plant-based diet. As a result, the DASH diet has a focus on fruits and vegetables, while including lean protein sources.

Because the diet is low in red meat, added sugars, fat, and salt, researchers believe it is highly beneficial for those with hypertension. By following the regular DASH diet, you would consume a maximum of 1 teaspoon of sodium per day.

DASH Diet Benefits

One of the main benefits of the DASH diet is its ability to help lower blood pressure levels. However, it may also be able to help with weight loss and even reduce the risk of cancer.

Blood Pressure

diet for better circulationA normal blood pressure reading is 120/80 or lower (120 mmHg systolic and 80 mmHg diastolic). Those with a reading of 140/90 or above have high blood pressure.

While the DASH diet is especially helpful for people with high blood pressure, it’s also effective in those with normal readings.

According to studies, the diet can lower blood pressure levels even in those who didn’t lose weight or restrict salt intake. However, those who followed the sodium restrictions saw their levels drop even further.

Weight Loss

The main function of the DASH diet is to help lower blood pressure levels. However, in certain circumstances, it may also help with weight loss.

Being overweight directly impacts blood pressure and increases it, which is why doctors recommend weight loss. The DASH diet can help people lower blood pressure and lose weight – but only if they eat fewer calories than they’re expending.

Since the diet restricts the intake of high-fat, sugary foods, some people will automatically reduce their daily calories. Nevertheless, it won’t happen automatically, and you will still need to consume less calories than you expend if you want to lose weight.

Other Benefits and Options

According to some scientific reviews, the DASH diet may lower the risk of certain cancers like colorectal and breast cancer. Furthermore, it may also help decrease the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

To improve your circulation, one of the best things you can do is eat healthy, and the DASH diet is specifically made to help lower blood pressure. Other things you can do is exercise regularly and take supplements like Circulation Boost.

As a supplement, Circulation Boost helps reinforce your healthy habits by naturally increasing the nitric oxide that relaxes blood vessels. However, it is not a substitute for a healthy diet, and you should add it as an additional boost to your circulation – not a replacement.

To read the full DASH diet and find menu examples, visit dashdiet.org.