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With the cold weather settling in throughout the country, you need to stay warm. Here are some tips to keep your hands and feet warm this winter.

There’s nothing wrong with walking around during the winter months, you just need to keep your feet and hands warm. Depending on the activity, your toes will get painfully cold and you may even get frostbite in extreme weather. In addition to protecting yourself from the cold, you want to avoid getting your feet wet, as this may cause blisters.

The body reacts to cold temperatures by re-directing the blood supply to vital organs and away from our extremities. Therefore, if you want to keep your hands and feet warm, you need to keep your whole body warm. The following are helpful tips to keep your hands and feet warm this winter.

Keeping Your Body Warm

Tips to Keep Your Hands and Feet Warm This WinterStart by using multiple thin layers of clothing, as they will trap warm air between them and keep you warm. You can also wear a warm hat when you go out since most body heat is lost through your head.

Once you’re home and in bed, make sure the bed is warm; you can use an electric blanket. Finally, if you’re physically active, you will generate heat that helps keep your body warm, including your hands and feet.

Keeping Your Hands Warm

When choosing what gloves to wear, go for a pair of waterproof gloves that are made from wool or leather. You should also wear long sleeves and make sure there are no gaps between your clothes and your gloves.

While you may think that a tight fit is best, keep in mind that warm air needs to circulate around your fingers. In other words, you should make sure your gloves are not too tight. Furthermore, if your fingers and toes feel cold, you should wiggle them to stimulate your blood flow.

Keeping Your Feet Warm

This isn’t the time to walk around barefoot; always cover your feet with either socks, slippers, or shoes. If your toes get cold at night, then put on socks when you go to sleep.

Make sure your feet and socks are dry by wearing waterproof shoes when you go out. Finally, since hot air rises and the floor is cold, you should put your feet up when you’re sitting down.

The Outlook

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