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There are many benefits linked to l-arginine. When it comes to l-arginine use, how does it help? Learn how it can improve your health.

The body needs several amino acids to function effectively – and l-arginine is one of those amino acids. It plays a key role in protein development, helping to rebuild tissue and build muscle.

Due to these abilities, experts have studied how effective l-arginine supplementation is when treating severe wounds and more.

L-arginine Explained

One of the most important functions of l-arginine is its ability to increase nitric oxide in the blood, resulting in better circulation. Nitric oxide is a molecule that relaxes and widens blood vessels, ultimately improving blood flow.

A healthy person can produce enough l-arginine on their own or get it from dietary practices. Foods that contain the amino acid include fish, red meat, eggs, and dairy – although, in low amounts.

However, in certain circumstances, the body cannot produce sufficient l-arginine on its own. These cases often happen due to medical conditions, injuries, genetics, and as people age.

Under these conditions, l-arginine supplements are a great way to get the amounts that the body needs to function properly. Moreover, people experiencing certain conditions such as hypertension may find l-arginine supplements especially helpful.

While taking these supplements is generally safe, overdosing can lead to negative side effects. Before adding them to your routine, talk with your doctor and make sure the supplements don’t conflict with any medications.

L-Arginine Use, How Does It Help?L-arginine Benefits

The two most important things the amino acid does is increase nitric oxide and help build protein. Consequently, these functions lead to various potential health benefits including wound healing, improving heart health, and helping with male fertility.

While various benefits have been linked to l-arginine, not all have been studied enough to reach conclusive results. Some benefits that have scientific backing include reducing high blood pressure, treating heart disease, and controlling blood sugar in those with diabetes.

Additional benefits with scientific support include growth hormone reserve test, correcting inborn errors of urea synthesis, and treating erectile dysfunction (ED). L-arginine has also been found to help ease inflammation in the digestive tract of premature infants.

However, some benefits may have potential, more research is necessary to confirm them. These include l-arginine’s ability to improve blood flow, alleviate anxiety, enhance workouts, heal wounds faster, and improve kidney function.

Researchers are continuously exploring the effects of l-arginine on the human body and its benefits. If you want to add supplements to your routine to treat a specific condition, discuss it with your doctor to see if it can help.

L-arginine Supplements

Supplementation can come in many forms: oral, cream, and even IV in clinical settings. There are various l-arginine supplements on the market, so it’s important to do your research and find a product that works for you.

One product that contains a good amount of l-arginine is Circulation Boost. It contains 5110mg of l-arginine, as well as 1010mg of l-citrulline (the precursor to l-arginine) and key vitamins and minerals.

By combining these ingredients in high (but safe) amounts, it helps boost heart health and those with high blood pressure. Circulation Boost is available in a tasty berry flavor and can provide the l-arginine you need to promote your heart health – try it now!