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If you want to improve your workouts, endurance is a good place to start. Learn about building endurance, how you can improve it over time, and more.

According to a 2017 study, people who had work-related fatigue improved their energy levels just six weeks of exercising. If you want to improve your energy levels and workout endurance, try these seven training techniques to boost your endurance.

1. Combine strength and cardio

While most people keep their cardio and strength days separate, you can actually improve your endurance by combining them. For example, you can bench press, then do pull-ups, and then run a mile as fast as you can.

2. Reduce rest time between sets

If you give yourself 30 to 90 seconds of recovery time between sets, sacrificing that may improve your endurance. However, give yourself a break if you physically cannot continue; otherwise, try a series of movements (pullups, squats, pushups) back to back with minimal breaks.

Building Endurance, How You Can Improve It Over Time3. Do high-intensity, fast-paced lifting

One way to improve both your strength and your endurance is to use weights at an extremely rapid pace. Excessive amounts of endurance-only training may slow down your metabolism, so consider mixing it up.

4. Do compound movements

Isolation exercises (bicep curls, leg lifts) cannot stimulate you enough to improve your stamina. In contrast, compound movies like squats, push-ups, and step-ups can improve your endurance and stamina.

5. Avoid routines

If you really want to build your endurance, remember that the body gets used to a workout after two weeks. In other words, if you’re always running, start cycling or running up some stairs to move the muscles in a different way.

6. Do hybrid exercises

Another great way to stimulate your heart muscles and improve stamina is to get multiple muscles working in a movement. For instance, you can do a squat with an overhead press, do jumping pullups, or lunges with bicep curls.

7. Add some explosive movements

Doing explosive movements will take a lot of energy and challenge your endurance, stamina, and strength. Some movements you can do include burpees, jumping knee tucks, box jumps, and power pushups.

The Outlook

supplements for circulationThe best way to build your endurance and stamina is by exercising, but which types of exercises work best? By trying some of these workout tips, you will be able to improve both your strength and endurance. However, always remember to be safe and avoid injuries, as these will hinder your goal of improving your endurance.

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