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Experiencing fatigue and don’t know what’s causing it? Learn what causes low energy levels in females and what to do about it.

Having low energy levels can manifest in a variety of ways – from lack of concentration to sudden irritation. While we may think that all types of energy are the same, there are actually different kinds.

According to James Gover, head of faculty at The Energy Project, “energy can be categorised as physical, mental and emotional.” To ensure that your energy levels are in tip-top shape, you have to identify what’s draining your energy and which kind it’s affecting.

The following are different types of problems affecting your energy levels and what to do about it.

Eating Wrong

Besides satisfying your cravings or filling you up, food provides the necessary energy to keep the body moving. However, not all food is made equal, and choosing the wrong food for breakfast or lunch can leave you with a lack of energy.

Rhiannon Lambert, a registered nutritionist, explains that “a protein-rich lunch will keep your physical energy topped up through to the evening.”

Solution: To ensure you’re eating an energy-promoting lunch, make sure there’s a 1:1 ratio of protein to carbs. If you need ideas, consider eating chicken, avocado, and quinoa salad, which is a healthy mix of protein, fats, and carbs.

Those following a vegetarian diet can opt for mixed beans and a feta salad. Just remember to keep your protein serving a reasonable size (around the palm of your hand).

Low Energy Levels in Females and What To Do About ItTechnology Overdose

Due to the advances of technology, it’s easy to get caught up in using tech all the time. However, non-stop use of a device such as your phone or tablet can drain your mental energy.

According to research from the University of Illinois, constant phone use can cause fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, studies from Hokkaido University and Chukyo University suggest that the mere presence of a phone can be distracting.

Solution: Keep track of when you’re using technology and consider taking a break when it’s not necessary. For example, using technology for work or to keep in touch with loved ones is necessary.

But if you’re constantly checking your phone and using social media, even while spending time with others, you might need a break. You don’t have to completely cut off your use of tech – just simply minimize your use of it during non-urgent times if you want a mental energy break.

Sleeping Issues

The most obvious and go-to reason for lack of energy is problems sleeping. However, sleeping issues may come in various forms, from not getting enough sleep to waking up constantly throughout the night.

According to a study in Molecular Metabolism, sleeping with only 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep raises insulin resistance. In turn, this leads to carb cravings and low energy levels in the middle of the day.

Solution: According to research from the University of Edinburgh and the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology in Cambridge, magnesium can help. The body needs 300 mg of magnesium per day, which can help the body’s circadian rhythm (what regulates the sleep-wake cycle).

Dark leafy greens are rich in magnesium; magnesium supplements can also help fulfill your daily requirements.

Energy Supplements

If you want to enhance your energy levels, you can try adding supplements to your routine. There are various kinds of health supplements that have their own way of promoting energy levels.

For example, Circulation Boost works by naturally improving circulation, promoting stamina and endurance, and increasing oxygen delivery. In addition to containing 20 mg of magnesium, it has 5,110 mg of l-arginine, 1,010 mg of l-citrulline, and key vitamins and minerals.

The Outlook

There are three main types of energy: physical, mental, and emotional. Maintaining peak energy levels can be done by figuring out what’s draining your energy and what type of energy is being affected.

Besides addressing any sleep issues, look into other sources of concern like using too much technology or eating habits. If you want an extra boost to your energy levels, consider taking supplements like Circulation Boost to boost your stamina.