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Chances are your circulation will slow at some point in your life but there are steps you can take. How to improve circulation.

With a network of 60,000 miles of blood vessels within the body, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and cause your circulation to slow. And if your circulation isn’t as healthy as it can be, the cells aren’t getting the oxygen and nutrients they need.

So, if you’re noticing the signs of poor circulation, it’s time to take the necessary steps to improve your circulation.

Signs of Poor Circulation

Be on the lookout for the following signs of poor circulation:

» Cold hands and feet
» A light blue color in your legs
» Dry skin
» Brittle nails
» Hair falling out
» Varicose veins
» Slower healing
» Feeling a lack of energy

If you’re noticing any of the above signs of poor circulation, be sure to take the steps below to see improvements in your circulation.

How to improve Circulation

1- STOP Smoking – Poor circulation is just one reason to stop smoking among many others. Nicotine harms the walls of the arteries and thickens the blood to reduce circulation. If you smoke, be sure to take action now to quit.

2- Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control — High blood pressure can lead to a condition called arteriosclerosis, a condition that hardens the arteries and can reduce your blood flow. If your blood pressure is over 120/80 take action to lower your blood pressure.

3- Drink Up — If you’ve noticed your circulation needs help, drink more water and stay as hydrated as you can. And if you’re exercising during hot weather, drink even more.

4- Avoid Too Much Sitting — A lot of people will suffer poor circulation because they sit at a desk all day long. Be sure to get up, move around or even stand at your desk if you can. Not everyone sits at a desk all day, but if you do, be aware that it’s important to get up and move around to improve your circulation.

5- Yoga – Trying yoga is a great way to get your blood flowing better. This low-impact exercise helps get blood flowing throughout the body including to the brain.

6- Get Your Aerobic Exercise — When you go out or stay indoors and run, walk, bike, or swim, your body takes in more oxygen and passes that throughout the body as it helps improve your circulation. As aerobic exercise gets your blood pumping, it makes your heart stronger and improves circulation.

7- Eat More Plants and Slow Down on Meat – Eating a diet too high in meat can mean a diet higher in saturated fats. That can lead to clogged arteries and slower circulation. Eating more fruits and vegetables helps your arteries.

8- Steer Clear of So Much Salt — Eating too much salt is detrimental to healthy arteries and healthy blood pressure, and that means it’s bad for your circulation.

9- Check Your Stress and Manage It – Stress can lead to higher blood pressure and poor circulation. Whether you take a bath to relax, go on a walk, or do some yoga, be sure you’re managing your stress if you’re looking to improve your circulation.

10- Spice Things Up – Cayenne pepper can help support your circulation thanks to the compound called capsaicin. This compound helps relax the muscles and improves circulation.

11- Get Your Circulation Boost – Circulation Boost is the best circulation supplement to help with your circulation. Circulation Boost increases the nitric oxide in the body to open the blood vessels. This process helps promote healthier circulation. How to imporve circualtion today.

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Placing a Priority on Your Circulation

How to improve circulation | CirculationBoost

Not everyone thinks about their circulation, but more people should be. Most people don’t do anything until they notice a health concern.

You can take action on whether or not you’re suffering from the symptoms of poor circulation. Taking the steps above can help prevent poor circulation just as well as it can help improve your circulation.

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