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When it comes to your health, or competition, or just feel energized no matter what you’re doing, you may be asking the question we get asked regularly, “how to increase stamina?”

Your stamina is a key factor in sustaining physical or mental effort — along with your strength and energy levels.

With increased stamina, you’re able to overcome fatigue longer and perform at a higher level during a competition or just throughout your day. So what’s the answer for how to build stamina?

Keep reading and we hope this short article will offer help with how to build up stamina.

How to Increase Stamina: 3 Key Ways to Build Stamina & Endurance

  1. Build Stamina through Increased Activity

how to increase staminaWhether you’re looking to build your stamina for something like running or cycling or swimming, participating in that activity regularly can help push you to increase your stamina. It’s important you remain consistent in whatever you’re doing, or you’ll lose what you did gain.

If you’re just looking for more stamina during your everyday life, regular exercise can help boost your energy levels. In a 2017 study, participants who experienced work-related tiredness were able to see an increase in energy levels after 6 weeks of regular exercise. The exercise also helps with their stamina during work, improved their sleep quality, and improved cognitive function.


  1. Increase Your Nitric Oxide Levels

how to increase your staminaNitric oxide is a key molecule within the body that helps improve blood flow. Nitric oxide is important because it opens the blood vessels wider and improves circulation. This process enables oxygen and nutrients to get where they need to be throughout the body to help supply the stamina and energy needed during sustained activities like cycling or running.

The key amino acids in Circulation Boost — l-arginine and l-citrulline — naturally increase nitric oxide production within the body. Many cyclists and runners have turned to Circulation Boost to increase their stamina during competition.


  1. Music and/or Meditation

how to increase your staminaIf you’re looking to boost your cardiovascular stamina, music offers fantastic support for your stamina. In a study conducted with 30 participants, individuals listening to music were able to reduce their heart rate while exercising to reduce their effort and increase their ability to maintain a sustained level of activity over a longer period of time.

Meditation also helps increase your stamina as it improves your ability to handle stress. In a 2016 study, students saw a significant improvement in stress levels and felt an overall sense of well-being after attending yoga and meditation classes.

What Else Can You Do for Your Stamina?

Circulation Boost - Best Circulation Supplement

As you’re striving to answer the question of how to increase stamina, remember there are other factors that come in to play each day. Your stress varies, your sleep varies, and there are other variables. We recommend using Circulation Boost to help you see better stamina.

Circulation Boost is a premier nutritional supplement made with the amino acids l-arginine and l-citrulline. Both amino acids promote nitric oxide. As the body increases nitric oxide levels, your blood vessels are open wider, and your blood flow is improved. Circulation Boost helps improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to improve stamina.

If you feel like you could get a boost from better stamina, take the time to see what Circulation Boost can do for you.